Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting started

Over the next while I hope to put up some ideas about art, ideas about the world,  pictures of work in progress and pictures of finished paintings.  I will make an effort to take a few minutes each day to post something.  


nick patten said...

Hi Jacob-
I am writing here because I have admired your work for a number of years now. By coincidence I visited your site today to see what you were up to and stumbled upon your blog. The other coincidence was that I also started a blog 3 days ago. Having never even participated in a blog, seeing yours today prompted me to post. I am a tradional painter as well, and I thank you for your efforts in this area of our world. I think you are responsible for many boats rising including mine. Good luck with all of your endeavors and I'll check in with you here from time to time.
Nick Patten

Gregory Becker said...

I am all ears Jacob. I followed the last fellowship blog posts on GCA side from Sadie and Emilie and I cant wait to hear from you.
I hope to be a part of the Hudson River Fellows. I am working on the figure more now. I am a big admirer of your work. I hope to meet you some time.
BTW how was the Weekend with the Masters?

francisvallejo said...

looking forward to it!

Unknown said...

Dear Jacob,

I am an admirer of your beautifull oil paintings. I have just set on oil painting seriously and I could say you are my reference North. It would be wonderfull if you can take some time to share your oil painting tips and experiences, with people abroad United States, like me who lives in Chile, South America.
Thank you for closing up more to your fans by this mean.
Good Luck!
Gustavo Acevedo.

Unknown said...

Hello Jacob,
I am a young artist in the Bronx, aspiring to one day reach the heights of your talent. I am seeking advice and direction for graduate school, and Mary Beth Vogelzang recommended that I speak with you. If you ever have time I would love to see some of your work in person and benefit from your experience. I will be stopping by the GCA tomorrow and looking into classes for November. I hope to speak with you soon. If you are willing my email is Thank you,
Joshua Cave

Vincenzo said...

So glad you've decided to share your thoughts and brilliant work...looking forward to future posts!!!

Deborah Elmquist said...

Dear Jacob,
Loved your workshops at Colorado Springs last month. I wished you would do something similar as it relates to the painting process. One question I didn't ask was . . . what colors do you use most of the time for your figures? And what brand of oils?
Deborah Elmquist

Anonymous said...

hi Jacob
still waiting for your ideas on art... i hope this project is still in the making and will be up and running soon... i definately need some good tips on art. best wishes. r.

Ariel Gulluni said...

Jacob, great to hear that from you!

I've admired your work since I discovered in ARC three years ago. You are a truly master of the figure, landscape and still life painting! So much for just one person!

Also, I think you are the "guilty" of my latest motivation, researches and exploration in the field of "realist"? painting.

GCA IS THE place where I dream go to learn some day, not far away. And because of you too, I knew some terrific teachers and painters like Graydon Parrish, Camie Davies and Douglas Flynt.

Well, just to say that there are a lot of people that admire your work, as a painter as a teacher, and hope to read some news for you!


i, me said...

looking forward to reading your posts and insights.
Delighted to see your endorsement in James Gurney's new book.

Alex Perez pintor contemporaneo said...

Congratulations for your new Blog Jacob ! is important to have one to show to the public your wonderful art.
keep up.

Unknown said...

Jacob Collins,

I really enjoy your work and philosophy.

Good luck and I hope to see more.

Mark VandenBosch

Unknown said...

I am greatly delighted to hear this news. I have been a big follower of your art for years and constantly turn to it for a source of inspiration. I look forward to seeing the drawings and paintings you will upload!

Mark Reeder said...
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Tae Lee said...

Hi,this is Taehyub lee. I came to NY to study painting and drawing. I desire to study in figure painting and drawing. When I find your artwork,I couldn't sleep at all. I am looking for teacher for my painting and drawing for my life. Your artworks are teaching me already. I hope to meet you sometime. I am from Korea. So my English is not strong enough. But my passion for art is strong enough. I really want to work with you in the future. Plz. Remember my name. C u then :)

Chris Page said...

Hey Jacob...
waiting for you to get this train a rollin' out of the station!

jack purvis said...

I recently purchased the book 'Classical Painting Atelier, in which I discovered your painting 'Carolina'. For me that is perfection.
I live in the UK and am now retired from full time employment and can devote much of my time to endeavouring to paint the face and figure. I've only been trying fifteen years.
I look forward to following your progress.
Jack Purvis

RUDHI Rüscher said...

Love your perfect art!

Elisabethbaysset said...

Il y a certaines de vos peintures que j'aime vraiment beaucoup , bravo !

revesdargile.canalblog said...

I 'm like always falling in love
for your paints !!


PS : excuse my bad english !!!

Yakup Icik said...

Sie haben sehr schöne Bilder. Ich gratuliere Ihnen...

Aus Germany Yakup Icik

Brian David MacNeil said...

The portrait is looking great Jacob! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Unknown said...

Fántastico!, Extraordinario!
Me encanta.
Enhorabuena por tu trabajo.

sara star said...

I like your blog and your latest nude at dusk. I wish you allowed comments on more of your posts.

Art Collector's Corner said...

Your paintings are absolutely beautiful!
You are now on "Artists to Watch" list on our blog!!

Peintre said...

I found you on the Internet.
I was interested in your work.
You are an artist having a very high technique.

I'm sorry.
Because I cannot speak English well.

I am a Japanese painter.
I am a realism artist.
I paint by oil painting.
If you are interested,
Please watch my work.

Unknown said...

I only discovered your work from the recent city-journal article (linked from
It is an enormous pleasure to view your work and please accept my heartfelt admiration. What you do is of great value. (I only wish (I'm in UK) that our Mr Serota had purchased your or your students' work rather than "Merde de l'Artiste".. grr...)
Again, many thanks